Keeping up with latest news

Great Journal Club last night - I had an awful day, but it really lifted me, it was great to see how people are researching and to make a few live breakthroughs together.

What do you think is the best way of keeping up to date with the latest news? I've been on a premium [Inoreader]( subscription for years, but they have finally kicked me off my grandfathered pricing plan, so I'm between RSS readers. [Newsblur]( has the advantage of being open source & having iOS & Android apps (required for loo-reading). What do you use?

I use Readwise Reader for absolutely everything. It’s a read-it-later app, but also allows you to to save videos, ebooks, PDFs and RSS feeds. It’s free while they’re in beta, but I’m on a grandfathered pricing plan myself. If you would like to sign up for Readwise, you can use my link for an additional free month (two months in total): Readwise

Thanks @gerrit - I started a Readerwise subscription with your link, but had some teething trouble. Their auto-email asked if I had any issues, so I raised these points, after chasing I finally got a response yesterday:

  1. What I really need is something to filter RSS subscriptions (for example stop any posts containing any of a list of keywords from reaching me) and monitor webpages where RSS isn’t available. Is that something you can do? Or should I go with the likes of Newsblur, or anything else that is highly compatible with Reader?
    We’ve been getting more and more requests for rule-based actions in Feeds (including tagging) and hope to add these eventually :slight_smile: I’ve noted your interest in this feature and will reach out if/when we’re able to implement :slight_smile:
  2. Can you integrate fully with Zotero - I’d still like to keep at least my academic papers (and preferably everything) in my Zotero library, but would be happy for certain highlights (ideally only one colour) to get the Readwise reminder treatment.
    We’re tracking this feature request here. The best way to get your Zotero highlights into Readwise would be to use our own PDF reader/annotation tool inside of the Reader app that’s currently in public beta. → Watch the simple video walkthrough to get started (3.5 mins at 2x)
  3. Are you Open Source - not a major issue, it’s just I like to be able to contract developers to provide customisation when things can’t get to the top of a commercial roadmap. It’s also easier to promote Open Source solutions.
    We’re not open source, but there are public APIs available. The Readwise API can be viewed here. The Reader API can be viewed here.