Journal club for 29 January 2023

@“Trusted”#g6 Hi everyone! Who will be able to join us for journal club on Monday? Any suggestions for a journal paper to discuss?

@Martin has created a poll to indicate your availability on Monday, and for future journal clubs in case 9PM UTC is not suitable:

{“title”:“Trace element solution”,“count”:5,“url”:“”,“toNew”:true}

@“Trusted”#g6 Following up from last night’s journal club, @danwchan had a great suggestion to change up the format a bit. Instead of focusing on a specific journal paper, we are going to try and answer a specific research question.

For journal club next week, the research question is:

**For hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, what are the potential toxicity issues and how can they be avoided?**

Bonus points if you'd like to share the research method you used to get to your answer. For example, do you like to start off with a journal's table of contents, or do you hop from reference to reference? Or do you use a tool like Research Rabbit or Semantic Scholar?

@Martin @danwchan Just want to do a quick temperature check: Do you still want to do journal club later? I’ll admit that I haven’t really had a chance to look into the research question this week, so I’m happy to bump journal club to next week.

I also realized that the cadence for journal club is supposed to be two weeks, so I should've said "For journal club in two weeks' time" instead, and then I could've avoided asking this question in the first place.

I have a few meetings between now and Journal Club, as well as two tomorrow that need a lot of prep, so I’d be happy to push back a week if that works for everyone.

Yes it would be great to have this meeting bumped to next week. I also haven’t had too much time to prepare.

I will be putting the things I find into [this shared Zotero library]( that has some of the other HOB papers that were looked at. Folks are welcome to join this shared library and store their relevant finds in an appropriate collection

@“danwchan”#p161 Brilliant, although I seem to be struggling a little to contribute. I’ve logged in and can drag and drop from your library to mine, but not from my library to yours… It’s not giving any error messages, but nothing is appearing where it is dropped. Do I need some sort of write permission?

@“Martin”#p162 Ah yes I think the group is open to read but requires approval to write and upload files. If you are able to request to join or otherwise let me know you zotero username I can approve you for write access.

@“danwchan”#p163 Thanks - yea I’ve tried every way I can think of, but can’t even find the group in

Search Groups. My profile is Zotero | People > Martin Currie and I see a link there so people can invite me to their groups.

@danwchan Can you add me as well? Zotero | People > Gerrit Niezen

There's an Open Science Shop meeting on Monday at 20h30-21h30 UTC, so I'm wondering if we should move Journal Club to 20h00-20h30 just for next week? What do you think @Martin ?

@“Gerrit”#p165 Sure, I’m wondering if the three of us are the only ones that the current timing works for. Given your revelation that email notifications aren’t going out from this forum by default. I’ll email everyone to ask, once we have reached a decision on the forum.

@“Gerrit”#p165 Added you. Once you accept let me know and I will change your permissions.

My calendar says the next JC is 21:00-22:00 UTC on Feb 19th could we have the invite updated to reflect whatever time we decide? I might be busy on the 19th (still waiting on scheduling some things that day) but I am free on the 12th at that time. I have meetings from 19:00-21:00 UTC on the 12th

Thanks @danwchan , I’ve been able to join the group. I noticed that if I click on the highlights in a paper from the native app, I can see that you made them. But while I can see highlights in the web library, it doesn’t show who made them (which matches what you said during the last journal club).

So should we meet at 21h30 UTC on the 12th, or keep it at the usual time on the 19th?

@“Gerrit”#p168 We certainly shouldn’t expect attendees from Europe at 21:30 UTC. I think we should probably prioritise EU involvement given the bid you’ve been working on… But lets ensure it’s at a time that’s good for @danwchan since it will be our first time trying out his new club format.

I was at a conference this weekend and am pretty wiped out. I’m good with the calendar invite for 16:00 EST on Feb 19th