Journal club for 19 February 2023

For next week’s Journal Club we will be discussing the following research question:

**For hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, what are the potential toxicity issues and how can they be avoided?**

Bonus points if you'd like to share the research method you used to get to your answer. For example, do you like to start off with a journal's table of contents, or do you hop from reference to reference? Or do you use a tool like Research Rabbit or Semantic Scholar?

Time is 9PM UTC. Reply to this thread if you'd like to join, or if you want to suggest an alternative time.

So far I've got @Martin and @danwchan .

Hi @gerrit & @danwchan - great Journal Club on the 19th. Somehow Teams didn’t put it in my diary, but am I right in thinking the next instalment is due this evening?

Yeah, I really enjoyed the last one. I don’t think I’ll be able to make tonight - I’m not feeling too great and should probably get some rest.

I’ve been wondering if we should rename it to a general catch-up instead of a journal club, in case more people will attend if we’re just talking about Amybo topics in general instead of focusing on a paper? Do we want to keep the frequency of every two weeks, or maybe change it to weekly or monthly?

Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, I’m happy to push back by a week. How about Research Club rather than Journal Club?

I’m flexible on frequency, perhaps we should reach out to everyone and ask those who are interested, what would suit them best.

I wasn’t planning on coming today either. I removed the recurring invite from my calendar for now but I’m happy to put something back on if we think of a mutually interesting topic/format.

PS Love the new format of the forum