Journal Club for 18 December 2023, 9PM UTC

During the previous journal club on 4 December we decided to take on the follow-up paper to the one we discussed during that meeting. This follow-up paper is called “Electricity-Driven Microbial Protein Production: Effect of Current Density on Biomass Growth and Nitrogen Assimilation”. Unfortunately that paper appears to be behind a paywall, but there’s also a preprint version available.

Please let us know if you'd like to join by posting in this thread!

The core of the manuscript is available in the preprint version ( If somebody wants to read the final version please contact me (

Is everyone (@“Gerrit”#4 @“NarcisP”#9 @“CamDavidsonPilon”#5 @“danwchan”#6) happy meeting on Teams again? If so, should still work.

Also, @"RobJ"#8 & @"Rafik"#7 it would be brilliant to see you there too if you're free at 9PM UTC tomorrow.

Yup, I’ll be there

I will also participate, looking forward!

@“Martin”#p86 Not sure yet if I will be able to attend, I have a fair bit more work I need to get done today, but if I manage to get it done in time then I will be sure to come along.

@“RobJ”#p89 don’t worry if you can’t read the paper in time. You’d be more than welcome to just arrive with an open mind.