Connecting with other groups

When I first heard about this project I immediately thought about the work that was done at Counter Culture labs in the “Real Vegan Cheese” project so I reached out to Patrik there who told me that indeed the project is still active although it did slow down a bit while the lab was closed during the COVID lockdowns. Patrick also communicated to me that they just recently found someone who can restart lab work at CCL and they’ve ordered a new set of constructs to start casein expression in Pichia pastoris.

Their next meeting is this coming [Monday at 7PM PST]( but I don't think I can make it. I'll try to go to another one when I am free.

Are there other projects that folks think we should be reaching out to and making connections with?


@“danwchan”#p28 I’m desperate for some decent vegan casein, so I’m delighted to hear that Real Vegan Cheese are back on track. I’d definitely dial into their next meeting, but it’s 3am for us in the UK :sleeping:

I met up with [Richard](, Jo & Freya of the [OpenFlexure]( team at Glasgow University on Thursday (following an introduction from [Julian Stirling]( - they're amazing.

Jo recommended that we get in touch with the people at [GOSH](, and a number of other individuals - I guess it would be impolite to mention the individuals here, but I'll reach out and invite them to introduce themselves... Is anyone here already involved with GOSH?

Julian was kind enough to introduce me in the GOSH forum and plug tonight’s livestream. I also started a thread on Crowd Manufacturing in their Open Science Shop project space.