Barriers to entry

I’ve been thinking more about how to get more people involved and I came up with the following barriers to entry:

  • - Subject knowledge: If you don’t have a microbiology background, the experiments we’re suggesting could look intimidating. @Martin 's videos are amazing, but you shouldn’t have to watch all of them before you can get started. Maybe we should put together some documentation on how to get started?
  • - Starter kit: To make sure everybody is aligned, maybe we should put together a list of materials needed? I know we've got forum threads for the BoM, the trace solution, the culture medium and so on, but if we can formalize it on the wiki, it may make it easier to get started if all the information is in one place?
  • - Awareness of project: Some ideas for how we can get this idea out there:
  • - Improve the home page of the website. Add info on where to learn more (what to read, what to watch), existing projects, folks to follow on social media etc.)
  • - Get in touch with DIYBio labs: People at these labs are the most likely to have subject knowledge, and have the equipment needed to get started
  • - Self-publish a book: Maybe not right away, but I imagine that eventually a short e-book on this could help to get more people involved
  • - Exhibit at trade shows and conferences
  • - Host events, workshops or demonstrations (can be virtual)
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