Amybo's presence on the Fediverse

I think a great way to engage with other groups would be to ensure Amybo has a strong presence on the fediverse. I think a good start would be to establish a presence on Mastodon (I’d suggest either Mastodon.Social or Biologists.Social) and Peertube (I think TILvids could be a good instance).

I’ve been posting about the Amybo live streams from my personal account: Gerrit Niezen ( - Merveilles

Having an official Amybo account could work, but choosing the right instance could be key. I know there's also and The only Peertube instance I'm familiar with is

I guess the risk here is that we spread ourselves too thin. It's already very challenging to try and build a presence on YouTube, and then we also have the main wiki and this forum. We need to have a good think about where we want to focus our efforts.

@“Gerrit”#p81 Ah brilliant! I’ll make sure to also share the live streams on my personal account.

I agree that it could be difficult to balance being able to reach more audiences but without spreading the community too thin. I just think the fediverse platforms sort of mirror the open-source community ethos of Amybo. Maybe setting up an Amybo Mastodon presence first and then as the community grows seeing what other platforms people would like? Of course, as you say, choosing an instance would be important, so I guess that would be something that needs a lot of thought.

@“RobJ”#p84 So, I set up a Mastodon account purely to reach out to Gerrit after reading his blog article. I must say that I’m not that good at it and annoyingly I set my name as Aqueum, because we hadn’t decided on AMYBO as a name back then… I have been having conversations with people there recently, but all the time thinking it would be better if we had the conversations here, so that we had a bit of an archive of everything that’s been discussed that’s also accessible via search engines.

The spreading ourselves too thin is definitely a risk. Laura set up a Facebook account for us (while I have an account I only use it to access communities that are Facebook only). I also set up AMYBO as a company on LinkedIn yesterday as I realised people I'm connecting with there must wonder what this water guy is doing reaching out to them about fermentation...

Back in the day I used Buffer to schedule my social media posting. I see that it covers Mastodon as well as many of the traditional options and they offer a free account that covers three channels.

That said, is it better having real people who have genuine homes on each platform using them to get the word out? I have 6,255 followers on LinkedIn which I guess is my social media home, although >90% of them are Water Sector. It was really quite interesting reaching out to notable biotechnologist and seeing that we only had 2 common connections. I should probably try to build my biotech network there.

I think Gerrit has been doing a great job on Mastodon. But if you think we need a corporate account there then yes, let's find the best instance.